The proposal


For the many places I have been to in my life, I somehow managed to keep vivid memories of people and conversation related to the place, as though I could rewind the video capture of the live event over and over again. Every time I reminisced all the good memories, they made me smile.

Lake Tahoe

It was early July when we had a last-minute road trip to Lake Tahoe, intentionally for his parents.  I still remember how beautiful the Emerald Bay was in the summer time as I visited a couple of years back.   This time around, the beauty of the lake was even more breathtaking. Continue reading


Spring time

Spring time

The time has flown by as I always feel when there are so many things going on in life. Next thing I know, we are already approaching the end of the first half of the year.  Spring time is when the flowers start blooming. Their colors are just as colorful as my life as it has been.

ImageThis year has set me so many missions I have yet to complete.  Thankfully for the many supports I’ve had to keep me sane, I am staying as optimistic as I take it one step at a time. Continue reading

After the Rain

After the rain

It’s been raining the whole week in San Francisco. The humidity was high, the sky was gloomy and the streets were slippery and wet.  It was just this weekend that the rain started to subside, and the clear and blue sky came into vision.

After the rain

The day the rain stopped also happened to be my birthday. I take that it’s a good sign.  This is the note I wrote on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I really enjoyed playing with the S Note and S Pen, although I don’t like the appearance of many apps on android tablet. Continue reading

Los Angeles Fall 2012

LA 2012

Los Angeles will always have a special place in my heart. Every time I flew back, it felt like coming back home. It’s always exciting as I longed for the memories I had had in the past several years. It’s a place where I had grown so much, emotionally. Seeing friends and familiar faces was the best thing that happened to my trip this time around. Continue reading

Downtown San Francisco Fall 2012

Downtown SF Fall 2012

Fall and winter are my favorite time of the year. I love Fall fashion and the cool and breezy weather.  I found the overcast sky oddly romantic, and I love driving on the westbound bay bridge on such a day.

Today I had to drop my car off for yet another service recall part replacement, allowing me some free time to browse around SF downtown area where I rarely visit in the morning of a week day like this. I must say I’m loving the city feel–really reminded me of New York City. People watch is undeniably entertaining. I saw some asking for direction, many texting while walking, and others just kept on their fast pace. People in the coffee shop dress more professional and they are different from the crowd by the university.  I wish I had a day off like this often. Oh, and the guy sitting in front of me is cute. He looks like Kang Ma Ru from Mr Nice Guy. 🙂

End of summer 2012

When it comes to one of those major road blocks in life, a little getaway from the daily chaos is all we need.

June Lake 2012

I’ve never really been watching the sun rise at such a beautiful place…it changed my perception of many, many things that have been bothering me.

Mono Lake 2012

The breathtaking view made me feel out of the world.

June Lake 2012

Walk on…I believe in myself.

Yosemite 2012


Bikram yoga

It’s been two months since I started doing Bikram yoga daily, or twice daily in some days.  I feel the phenomenal results.  It’s a great addition to my daily 60 minute work out at the gym.  Bikram yoga has changed me in so many ways, mentally and physically.  Mentally, I am more calm, more focused, and more determined.  I also slept better at the earlier hours.  Physically, I think I’m more toned, though not necessarily losing any weights.  Of course there is always a lot of water weight loss after the class but that shouldn’t be counted.  I considered myself pretty flexible, but Bikram yoga has improved the joint lubrication even more.  The big plus is that I tend to crave only healthy food after the class.

As far as the last two months, I had finally broken my unhealthy snack habit.  I incorporate fruits into my routine meals–especially berries, clementines, grapes and apples.   My daily diets always contain multicolor vegetables, and I drink many cups of green tea and barley tea per day. No coffee!

I feel good and feel that this is absolutely the way the healthy lifestyle should be. I hope to continue doing Bikram as my time allows. Here comes the 3rd month and counting!

(If you haven’t heard of Bikram yoga, check it out and find the yoga studio close to you here: