Spring 2007

Spring break is finally here. Though that does not seem to apply to my situation, I hope that at least the traffic would be lighter. It’s a superhot weekend here in LA–the upper hit almost 90! Imagine it’s only the middle of Spring…and it will even be hotter tomorrow. Hope I’ll just have to stay in during the day and take off when the sun goes down.

I felt like I’ve been lagging behind what I thought I should have accomplished. A friend called me an overachiever but, seriously, I never thought a second that I am. It feels horrible at the end of the day when I found out that I couldn’t even finish a thing on my tasks. I am having my biggest problem: I lost motivation. Once in a while I don’t know where I am heading to and I feel depressed. How to gain motivation back? I honestly miss p’RR’s company. His presence really fullfilled my life in a lot of ways…and I was never as much frustrated about my work progress as I am now at this moment.


One thought on “Spring 2007

  1. Just read your post. I realized it’s been a little over a year since you posted it. During that time in your life, how did you get over that “hump”. That blue feeling. The lack of motivation? I’ve been feeling this way recently. Like, I feel that I know what to do, but I’m just not doing it? Even though I know I should. Know what I mean? Then I feel complacent and that makes me feel like crap! Like I’m not ambitious enough or something. Do you know what I mean?

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