When hope is not enough…

I woke up early this morning and thought ‘what a beautiful day!‘. My kind of thing may be different from that of most SoCal people who would like to see a much sunnier and clearer sky. Instead, I’d prefer the overcast day—for some reasons, I feel the air on such an overcast day like today has brought me back to when I was a kid in a primary school—one of the my happiest moments in my memory.

It’s been such a beautiful day. I had a really nice meeting with M. We discovered that the molecule we are working with could inhibit adipogenic pathway. I thought M could be my first clinical trials if he wished. How cool would it be if we could make it available commercially as an alternative way to control fat deposition? I then daydreamed about my publication–if I said that something from the oral cavity could inhibit fat formation, would high impact journals like Nature accept my manuscript? As I said, daydreaming. But seriously, I am kind of excited to pursue this out-of-the-blue experiment. Who knows what outcomes we may get. The best things in life come unexpected–so this could be the one. Ha-ha.

Just before I heard the news from Mike, I thought that everything in life is going just fine…and then came the very disappointing news. Actually I’d feel better if there were no expectations. I will try to keep the positive thinkings though. Obviously hope is never enough…..

However, I’m still hoping the karaoke party this weekend will help cheer me up at least quite a bit…

Last night, I played this really easy song: Minuet in G. (What you hear is not my record though.) It felt so relaxing I didn’t want to get back to my table and read these piles of papers ever again….

I hope tomorrow will be better than today…


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