It’s been an exhausting weekend as expected. Saturday I had a long day doing Western again in the lab. Mal stopped by in the afternoon and gave me an NIDCR mouse pad. It looks pretty cool with my Mighty Mouse so I’d take it as a reward from exhausting weekend work.

That night I blew off the karaoke + BD’s party I promised Jason I’d go. In fact I’d really love to… But I was just too exhausted and it was kind of late by the time he called anyway. Jason said I must go next time with no contingency. Oh well….I hope. I ended up having too many things on my mind that kept me up to almost 6 last night …you know ..it’s really strange despite the fact that I was too worn out.

Today I had to force myself to go work on this paper outside my apt, otherwise I’d have fallen asleep there…so went to Borders and got some work done…not very productive though. I bought a UK magazine with the tag said ‘ Borders recommended’. It has this pretty nice tote attached. So I guess why not..it’s just 6 bucks and I could validate my parking ticket that way. I guess it’s better than buying a snickerdoodle cookie I never manage to eat.

The next case for PBL will start again tomorrow. Dr ST is going to sit in my case so I’d better be prepared. Have to leave early tomorrow morning to run this pSmad experiment though. …For a while I thought I really need a long break…sigh.


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