Keio University ..once again

It feels like a summer vacation already. The air is breezy and dry. At night it’s a bit chilly but not too much–just about right when neither an AC or a heater is needed. Actually it’s literally a Summer semester at this moment, although there is no such thing as a semester when we talk about laboratory work. I should also add that there’s no such thing as a holiday when it comes to stem cell work. Nonetheless, I manage to sponsor myself a trip to the other side of the world…

I received the program from Keio university quite a while ago. Though I’ve been to most of the places they are going to bring us, I’d still be excited to go.

It seems like my dad is more excited than me, since he’s been spreading the words around about my trip. The next thing I knew, my friend, whose parents’ friends are friends of my dad’s, just called me out of nowhere and got me surprised by saying, ‘We knew you’re going to Japan–your dad told us’. I couldn’t help laughing. I mean, it’s not like I’m winning a nobel prize or anything. It’s just going to be an ordinary trip. ( But I know I’m excited about it too…)

Here are the lists of the workshops to attend…

Japanese Tea Ceremony (Sado)
Japanese Flower Arrangement (Ikebana)
Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo)
Incense Ceremony (Koh-do)
The Style of Traditional Garment (Kimono and Furoshiki)

I miss writing with the brush and ink. I remember I was really good at it in primary school. My calligraphic writings were always posted as samples for appreciation at the front of the class room. I wish I had the brush with me right now, for that I could reminisce how I relayed my mind and mood in the form of brush strokes. Anyway I did not choose to attend Shodo workshop because I could choose only one. So I opted for something else I’ve never experienced…

The Secret

I bought the book because I could not resist the hype. The book has been talked about everywhere–at least for here in LA. They even made a movie. The publisher called it the most outstanding book they’ve published. Some readers said it’s their life-transforming book, others said it’s just another ordinary book that delivers common senses. I’ve gone through only half the book so I cannot make the judgement just yet. But even though it might not be one of the best books as claimed, it definitely is an inspiring book for ones to achieve what they wish to have, and to be.


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