I forgot my wallet at home today! I was not aware of that until I was about to order a cup of greentea latte at the bookstore this afternoon. I tried to reach for my wallet in my over-sized slouchy bag—none. Then I searched thoroughly for any random notes I might have left in my bag—none. I was kind of upset at myself, at my forgetfulness, and even at the annoying size of the bag. I must have picked the wrong bag today. I didn’t even have a driving license with me–and so it is actually illegal to drive. But nonetheless, the bottom line was that I had no money. Not a single cent. No ATM cards..no nothing. Everything was in my wallet and I was doomed. I could have driven home to get my wallet, but things weren’t that easy. I needed to validate my parking ticket with a mininum purchase, or just simply pay for the parking. Either way needed money so I simply got stuck. If I’d been on a date then I’d not have been much worried!

Anyhow, in fact things were not as complicated as I exaggerated, because I didn’t forget my phone. And thank God, p’Saharad’s place is just across the street. At the end, he was kind enough to come all the way to where I was to hand me $15 in cash–the value seemed so little but meant so much for me, esp for today!

I thought my conversation with p’Saharad in Thai language wouldn’t make sense to anyone around. I was wrong. Indeed, the girl sitting across me asked ‘เป็นคนไทยเหรอคะ’ after I got off the phone. I was surprised because she didn’t look much like a Thai. I then said something to her in Thai but she couldn’t understand, telling me she just couldn’t comprehend very well in Thai, but her mom could. When I was about to leave though, she was nice enough to say ‘แล้วเจอกันใหม่’. How I enjoyed talking to a stranger! As I got home, I was thinking whether I should keep a $20 note in some random compartment in my car in the future–just in case.

I finished the grant proposal today….now all I can do is pray for it to be accepted…..please pray for me too! Have a nice weekend.


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