The Getty Villa

I have been having a rough week due to the paper deadline. Even when it was a PBL-free week, I still felt much overwhelmed. Fortunately I finished the draft and sent it to Mal and Larry right before the weekend began. I have been having a lot on my mind. In fact, I hadn’t been doing too well. I hate to set high expectation on things but sometimes I just couldn’t help. I hope things will find their way out in no time though.

It’s a very, very beautiful day today with sunny sky and breezy weather. Actually it’s already summer but the weather in and around the ocean wasn’t that burning hot. John came over and we drove to the Getty Villa in Malibu. (Thanks so much for the drive!) I hadn’t seen him for a while. I was amazed to hear him speaking Japanese, Thai, and knowing Russian, knowing that he’s a native English speaker who is also fluent in Mandarin. Now, how many languages are there already? It was a really nice time though. I fall in love with the beautiful and serene Malibu every time I go. Getty Villa is definitely worth visiting–a perfect getaway from my scientific routine.

With the view of Malibu beach at far sight…it’s so beautiful.


I guess I’m getting more tanned, probably due to playing tennis. Who’d care? It’s summer anyway. 🙂 Hope everyone is enjoying this first weekend of Summer 2007!


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