Pinkberry ice-cream

What the raves are all about?

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Last night I went to p’Pon’s friend’s farewell dinner in Thai town. Then somebody suggested that we go to ‘Pinkberry’ the ice-cream place afterwards since we were already that close. It was almost 12 am and I wondered if the shop was still open. I heard some raves about the ice-cream before but never really tried it (though there is also one near UCLA). From what Yum told me, the shop owner was a Korean USC grad. They claimed to sell frozen yoghurt icecream with low calories. Probably because of its originality, unique taste and health concern, shortly after lauching its first location in LA, Pinkberry has become a hot new trend for SoCal people and the New Yorkers. I looked up on their web, and there are already 7 locations within my vicitnity. Obviously, it’s a fast-growing business. However, Pinkberry also faced a lawsuit claiming its yoghurt was not real. I also heard of other pinkberry lawsuits about their stealing the original recipe from Korea.

Nonetheless, what we saw at Pinkberry Hollywood last night was still a crowded place with a long line even when it’s already late at night. Their ice-cream selections were not too broad. You can choose either an original or a green-tea flavour, and topped with various kinds of fruits, chocolate, marshmallow, etc. I am not a fan of toppings so I tried the smallest size of cup in original for $2 something. I must admit the ice-cream taste was unique in its very yoghurt taste–unlike having a cup of yoghurt or a cup of TCBY. Others who tried the green tea though all agreed that it tasted horrible.

Anyway, when I got home I had intense stomach pain and followed by diarrhea. I doubt if it’s because of the yoghurt or because of the food. Then again I don’t remember having much for dinner anyway. All in all, it’s a good-to-try but I’m not too enthusiastic to go back again.


One thought on “Pinkberry ice-cream

  1. I had pink berry too last night, i got the medium peanut butter with brownie bites on top. I am having no stomach pain but i have been having diarrhea last night and today. When did your diarrhea go away?

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