Hello from the 15th floor from Villa Fontaine Tokyo Mita hotel room. Seeing the city from the top view at night is so peaceful, beautiful and romantic too. 🙂

Every time I come Japan, I’ve never liked it less. Regardless of the humid and rainy weather that made me sweat so much while waiting for the JR Narita express train this evening, I somehow enjoyed standing, scanning, walking, and seeing everything around here. This is the first time that I made it from Narita to Shinagawa all by myself. It’s not easy to carry two handful of luggage plus a Kipling messenger on my fatigue shoulder and walk to and from the crowded train stations. After an hour or so, I got off the NEX train at Shinagawa, aiming to take a タクシー (takushii/taxi) at the タクシーのりば (takushii noriba/taxi stand). The line was unusually long, probably because of the rain. Right across Shinagawa JR station, I spotted Keinin hotel that I stayed over during winter last year. Wow…it felt really wonderful to be back here again.

I then arrived at the hotel at around 7:30 PM. I initially thought I just had to forget about the welcome reception which was scheduled sometime around 6-7 PM local time. However, two fellows from Keio waiting at the registration site told me that the party was still ongoing and that I should go…so I went to check it out at this laid-back “To the Herbs” buffet place. I got in and greeted a few people. I met Aki Yamazaki whom I’ve been in touch with, and some other fellows from UBC, and from some other countries in asia. (I was kind of blurred by then and could hardly remember what they said….). The party was over shortly after though…so I went to grocery shopping for some bottled water and some other my-kind-of-things. Hehe. I loved it even for just walking in the Japanese grocery here.

I shall call it a night soon. The 11-hour flight and another 80-min on the train was much exhausting. The journey continues tomorrow at Keio university. I will write more updates soon. 🙂


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