Busy days

These days I felt like I’d never run of things to do. Just when I thought everything was pretty much done for the day, there left something else–here and there. I wish I would never need a sleep or at least I could stay up as late as 2 A.M. and still be widely awake the next morning. Sadly, as we age, we need even more time to sleep.

Last night I took Dramamine to prevent allergic reaction at the gym. As expected, the drowsiness settled in shortly after. Actually it’s quite a desirable side effect I wished to help put me through my insomnia. Successfully, I went to bed as early as 8:30 PM–the earliest time in my record. Well, p’RR called at 12 AM but I went back right to continue my long sleep until 6:30 in the morning. That’s 10 hours for a good night sleep. Ironically, still, at the end of the day, I felt as much exhausted. I guess I’ve done quite a bit for the day, but mostly it’s because of driving a whole lot of distances too. I started from teaching continuously 9-12 (gosh it took that much of the time for the first years), then drove over to the lab to run a few head-spinning experiments. Then after school, I went to have my car washed (the reason is that I spotted several ants crawling in the rear trunk–I suspected they’re fallen from the trees…). After that, I went to Costco for a whole bunch of water and some other groceries. Then went to Goodwill to donate clothes and shoes. Finally I was home. I was thinking about taking off to the coffee shop and to the gym thereafter, but I was so, so tired I didn’t even want to watch any TVs. What a day! Actually I should say, what a routine instead.

Despite my super busy schedule, I managed to spare some time to watch the US open men’s final yesterday. I am SO happy that Roger won. I just can’t say enough about him but he is so talented, humble, handsome, stylish and adorable. I admire his emotional stability–the rare quality you’d see on any tennis players. On top of everything, he’s the greatest tennis player of all time!!! Oh well, I’m not too much a sport fan but he is the one and only player to whom I would ‘sacrifice’ my lab time. I am that crazy. 🙂


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