Have you ever had the best chocolate chip cookies in the world?

The unique packaging of Bart’s chocolate chip cookies caught my eyes while I was browsing along this aisle in Wholefoods market yesterday late evening. I was looking for something to bring to my lab meeting today. As it was going to be my turn for presentation, my devilish thought said these cookies would be a perfect fit to distract the audience. As I said, it’s just a devilish thought. Indeed, it turns out that I got a lot of compliments from my talk today and the cookies would never be needed. But to share the joy and excitement for this unique box of cookies is another story.

Actually the cookies tasted nothing too peculiar. They are still the chocolate chip cookies. But for the fact that Bart’s bakery would bake the cookies only once a week, and ship them to only a limited numbers of retails, has made the cookies one of its kind. I especially like the crispy texture of the cookies which goes along well with the not-so-sweet chocolate chip taste. Now, I don’t know if the nutrition facts are really accurately denoted, but these cookies are also quite low in carb too, especially when compared to those really high sugary content in the regular chunky chocolate chip cookies.

Over all, I liked it and I would buy again when I feel like having a bite. The cookies are pretty expensive though. Then again, everything at Wholefoods is always more expensive, but in a much healthier sense then.

Though I don’t intend to be all about cookies today, I also happened to receive another box of cookies from my student after class this morning. I found it amusing when he told me to bring it to the center and see if there would be any single lab crews (i.e., girls) interested in his. Haha. I said, sure thing and thanks. What’s your name by the way? 🙂

I had very little sleep last night. Now I’m left with tired eyes and dry mouth. You know I’m workaholic but that’s not really the reason why I went to sleep at 1.

Grey’s anatomy? Correct.


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