the starting

Cinnamoroll othello games on the Sanrio website has been one of my favourite games to play during my stressful and down time when I’m on my own…

So it’s been so long since I last wrote, and so much has been going on over the year.  I’m not sure where to start writing again when I decided to resume my writing, but probably I can just simply say this year has been one of the busiest years I’ve had since 2003.  I sometimes wish I’ve had written some entries of what I’ve done and where I’ve gone during these past several months.  Looking back and reading old entries is the thing I enjoy doing. As I’m getting close to finishing up my graduate degree, I feel like the turning point of my career and the toughest decision to make are just around the corner. I could only wish all the efforts I’ve put in would pay off one way or another. More updates to come…


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