Tomato salsa pasta

I enjoyed cooking more and more in my new apartment. I went to TJ the other day and spotted the basil leaves. I bought them without a clear idea what to do with them. Bad habit I know. But as long as it’s veggie, I’d consume it in no time. So I went on, enter search for basil and pasta. And here it is–as easy as pie. I actually cooked this in the morning before coming to work so that I could eat it for lunch. It didn’t take that much time at all.

The other day at Nijiya, I got a hold of this Tonkatsu sauce, and another bottle of Yakisoba sauce. I made yakisoba last night but didn’t take the picture. It’s definitely yummy! (haha yeah i’m self flattering!) My next menu is probably a dish of shrimp and mushroom linguini as I have all the ingredients now.


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