still the headache…

A couple of years ago, I had constant episodes of migraine and cluster headache so much that it disturbed my regular function. Tylenol and Excedrin alone could barely help relieve my symptoms. Dr Richard at UCLA prescribed Verapamil (the calcium channel blocker) to treat me and as lucky as I was, the symptoms were completely eliminated. Since then, though I have had a few episodes of migraine every now and then, most of the symptoms were brief, and were well controlled under a low dosage of Excedrin.

It’s just that these past few weeks, my migraine seems to be coming back and lasting for a longer time—to the point that sometimes I could not continue my daily physical activities, including the lighter one such as typing a document on my laptop. I’m still figuring out what could have been the triggering factors for the symptoms as they have been much irritating. After a few research on line, I figured it may be due to these following causes.

1. Caffeine withdrawal
2. Lack of sleep
3. Stress level
4. Hormonal change

It’s really hard to pinpoint what may have caused my migraine because as always, the timing for the symptoms seems to be nonspecific. And there are actually a hundred contributing factors I may have thought of. Nonetheless, I will try to modify one factor at a time and see if the symptom will be gone. The stress level, however, is one factor I have absolutely no idea as to how to eliminate. So many times I’d love to be stress-free as in trying to shrug things off, or be positive, but as long as I’m living my life in academic, there are always things to think about and I just don’t know how not to be stressful.


One thought on “still the headache…

  1. i get migraines too. i take one sudafed (or similar) and 2-3 liquid advil. this usually knocks my migraine out in 15-30 minutes.

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