The next chapter

These past few weeks have been so crazy I couldn’t remember a day when I got more than 4 hour sleep. I have been running between clinic and lab most of the time, trying to be as productive as possible for both sides–and that is one most challenging part. Research-wise, things are going well in the direction I had expected. However, given that I have only 4 weeks left for my postdoc fellowship, I’m really concerned about how much more I can get done. I tried not to look at these 6 months as the time wasted as I definitely learned a lot of things, but I had also hoped that much of the work could lead to a publication or two if I could stay in the appointment longer….

My feet hurt so much these days I had thought about leaving my heels at home. Though I’m not so much a sneaker person, esp at work, I realized now that being fashionable is not really practical in the clinic. I need to find lower heels to wear especially for the day like today when I ended up standing for pretty much all day long.

A lot of new things I have learned have slowly built up my confidence to work with the patients: the child behavior management, the role of parents, communications, restorative techniques, and even the interactions between residents and attendings. Regardless of how tough the situation could be, I must say I really enjoyed being in this highly motivative and wonderful environment and I’m looking forward for even more to come.

The rest of this month will be just as busy. I will be in the OR next Monday to which I am very much looking forward! I have my own clinic schedule out already for this whole academic year. The clinical coordinator requested that I planned all the vacation days ahead of time as far as June 2010. So I did…though honestly, I still don’t have a solid plan for any vacations anywhere this year. But will definitely make some when the permitted days are confirmed.

I also resolved to set aside the time each weekend to finish this peds textbook before July 1st when the program starts. It’s always good to get started early I think…esp for a person like I am who will have to contribute all of my free time for research. So hopefully I will be able to commit to my study schedule….

This evening we will have yet another NAAAP-SF meeting for discussion of further opportunities for community volunteer work…so I’m driving down in San Mateo in a bit. Hopefully I will be back in the city just about in time for the gym…I desperately need to lose some weights!


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