No loss but gain

I’d call this week the free food week. My carbohydrate intake has increased incrementally from the vendor show, the protein seminar series to the staff appreciation day event. In fact what seems to be the clearest memory I had this week is indeed eating! I have been trying so hard to lose some pounds, only to know that it is already hard enough to maintain my current weight. What could I do when eating is part of social gathering which sometimes hard to avoid? Of course, the food itself is tempting and I have no excuse.

I remember several years ago when my weights were at the peak, I tried some random weight loss medication and that helped nothing but caused me cardiac arrhythmia. I stopped taking the medication right away and forgot about the weight. Probably I was lucky that my metabolism was high, or I was really busy working, the next thing I knew, my weight came back on track and was maintained and the satisfactory level without any additional, painfully effort from my side.

This year though, especially since I moved to SF, I never seemed to be able to maintain my weight despite my regular exercise. Was it the weather? Was it the food? Yes, I must have eaten more. But still I do not think that I have consumed significantly more. Was it metabolism? “Definitely, Maybe.” The truth is I’m getting older everyday. 😦

Anyway, the past few weeks when I was at the TIPS event, I received a sample of Sensa which is supposed to suppress hunger by altering taste perception. However, after weeks for trials, this salty and sweet pepper never seemed to work for me. I got so desperate and have ordered Alli Diet Pill (Orlistat) only to find that the pills insanely caused me break-outs. I’d never touch any of the pills again! I didn’t stay on the medication long enough to make any judgement that whether it works or not, but causing the breakouts alone has ended of my story with Alli.

So I guess I will still need to rely on self-control and stick to regular exercise. I’ve never thought losing a pound or two would be this difficult…


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