Wrapping up

So I have my schedules for this whole year out. As expected, all workdays are filled with clinics, some classes, and rotations. Seems to be busy but at least I will have a break plus some vacation days in the next several months. Still thinking what I should be going at that time.

I have only 9 days left for my postdoc fellowship appointment. Thus, these days I have been so busy wrapping up the project and reporting the summary. Though I felt I could have done more, I’m still pretty satisfied with my productivity, given the time constraint.

I should have been happier, but for some reason depression has suddenly settled in–with no particular reasons. Or maybe there are reasons. I guess I am just tired, to have to continuously working my way to happiness and success each day, all with very little support but my very own self. I guess I just can’t always be as strong as people think I am. Sometimes I am amazed at myself as to what I have gone through, but I kept telling myself I had no choice but to head up and walk on. Inside though, I always miss home, I miss p’RR, I miss the simple food on the street, and the simplicity of my life back in my younger years. I used to have such a solid plan as to what I wanted to do after the training. But now I am not sure if I would end up climbing to the top just to find nothing, and no one, but a wide empty space.


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