One week before Christmas

We are pretty much wrapping up our work at the school this week. We finished most of the assignments and exams, and people are starting to travel. It feels like holidays already. Sadly, I’ll be on call next week, from 12-22 to 12-29, and I won’t get to travel anywhere. But on another note, I’d take these days off to work on the things I have been postponing through the year.

Things I planned to do during the holidays:


  1. Review Sedation literatures
  2. Review my book chapter manuscript
  3. Review literatures for my DPSC research
  4. Prepare research presentation
  5. prepare patient presentation
  6. write an abstract and application for AAPD
  7. work out visa info for my travel in March ’10
  8. really try to work and publish my website

Non work-related

  1. Organize my closets!!! OMG I have an overwhelming number of clothes, shoes and bags. It scares me each time I opened my closet door.  I need to organize them!
  2. Clean my apartment. Though I do this regularly, I still want to make sure I have a clean place for the new year’s.
  3. Learn one new song.  I’m pretty much done with Silent Night and Over the Rainbow. I’d like to try a new one if there’s enough time….
  4. Exercise more, lose some weights. I wanted to look younger as each year passes by.

OK and these aren’t even my new year’s resolutions, which I’ll post next time.

This evening I went to buy gifts for white elephant and holiday gift exchange for our resident party.  I thought of p’RR. I thought of how I kept buying things for others but forgot to buy any for my loved ones. It’s a shame we are so far apart…

Upcoming blogs:

2009 wrap up–what I have accomplished this year

2010 new year’s resolutions


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