Shopping after Christmas

I made a mistake by stopping by Market St this afternoon–the Sunday after Christmas.  I initially intended to go and work on the presentation, but my lazy, second thought said I’d go shopping and relax a bit. Little did I know I should have gone hanging out at the coffee shop instead of being a part of the crazy shoppers in downtown.

I headed to my usual parking place, Ellis-O’Farrell garage, where the parking is only $6 on Sunday. It was such a great find for me back then, but probably now everyone already knew about the deal and so the garage was packed. After circulating around for 15 min or so, I still couldn’t find a spot for self-parking.  My frustrated self gave in for valet parking. I hate having a stranger park my car, but I guess had no choice.

Market St was overly crowded. My walking experience among the crowd reminded me of NYC.  I kept thinking I shouldn’t have been there at all! But well, I was already there so I’d better complete my shopping task. =P I made only a few stops in a few of my favorite shops and got out of them as fast as I could.  Yet I ended up spending a couple of hours there.  On my way back I drove pass Union Square and again the crowd was crazy. I’m just glad to finally get out of it. I planned to spend the rest of the week catching up with the work.

I got back home and thought of some thing I would love to implement. Sat around and did some research until next things I knew, it’s already dark outside. I got tired. Somehow I always think life would be better if there was someone to share my thoughts.  Though as independent as I can be, I guess I’m also getting tired of doing everything all by myself.  I wonder what LMR is doing now…


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