SF Summer Time

This weekend has been especially cold in the bay area. It’s supposed to be summer time yet ironically people are wearing jackets and coats everywhere. The sky is overcast and gloomy. It really feels like winter time. Hopefully that winter blue feeling won’t follow. And hopefully soon enough the sun will shine again.

Yes that is our summer time. Stern Grove Festival has started again. 19th Ave has become busier than ever again. Another year of mine in SF. I’m now an official second year resident. Lots have happened. I wished I hadn’t been too busy to update everything. It would have been nice to record what happened in my life in the past and enjoyed reading and looking back at how I overcame them.  Anyhow, life is good now and I’m still forever thankful for the great people in my life. I know they are there for a reason. And I hope they know who they are. Special thank to Dr L who wrote me an email yesterday.

My vacation is coming really soon, and LMR will be here with my package from Thailand! My sister just sent me a series of pics of the things she bought for me. I shall disclose these gifts later as they come. But for now, I’m just so excited about the new Sanrio Cinnamoroll 2010 print–Cinnamoroll and Apple!  See below. Don’t you think it is SUPER cute…cute…cute…CUTE combination!  Given that I am a big fan of Cinnamoroll and Apple (inc) myself, I just couldn’t be more excited. Can’t wait to see the real product!

This evening I went to Origins to get the Drink Up Intensive mask. Reviewed a couple of papers. Will take off to the gym soon.

PS: I still love the hair color I dyed myself quite a while ago! Love love love!


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