Bands, braces, and genio- or mentoplasty?

I had such an exhausting week with the clinic and everything, yet I felt very much nonproductive. All my energy had drawn to the chair-side clinical care and the drive back and forth across the bay bridge. My research has been falling behind. My ortho schedule was surprisingly light.  To make things worse, it pissed me off when I finished all the work and someone came to claim the patient was his and was accidentally put on my schedule. It felt like I was being used. Heck, but for the sake of being humane and for the peace of my mind, I will just let it go. Still, I do not like to be treated this way.  But I still do believe as long as I stand my ground doing things the right way, then one day things will pay off—as they have always been.

Back to the tooth problem. So I noticed the spaces between my lower anterior and premolars and I really do want to close them. Had ‘two’ Dr Chen’s saw my teeth today and they suggested either Invisalign or full braces.  Dr Chen even suggested that I also do mentoplasty.  Oh well, if I had all the time and money in the world, I’d just do all I could and go ahead and pamper myself like a Hollywood star.  Anyway, as poor as I am now,  I’ll just be rooting for getting a second round of braces. However, if I can get away with invisalign at affordable cost, I might as well opt for that option. It’s been  10+ years since I had had orthodontic treatment and I almost forgot how it felt like to have braces. I do remember though, that it took forever to floss.  Hopefully I can get it done sometime before I finish the program.

So it’s a little less than 2 weeks before my first real vacation of the year. I just can’t wait to be able to sleep without having to set alarm for a week or so. Hopefully also to wake up in a serene view of the lake.  Now I just need to plan for the trip!


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