It’s 88 degrees in San Francisco!

Labor day weekend is just two weeks away, and it actually marks the end of summer. As a matter of fact, it’s been summer-less for the whole time in SF. We’ve got no sun and it’s so cold and windy for the past few months. This week though, the sky is clear and it’s actually really hot outside right now. It’s not super hot hot as in summer time in LA, but still, it feels really nice not to be covered by fog and cold air. We still got some breeze of the wind which is actually nice. I turned on my electric fan for the first time in months. How I love the sun!

Back to the tooth business, again. I had head cone beam CT today as Dr Chen requested. It seems like the treatment is more complicated than it initially seems. Oh well. I’d never have thought. But so nice of him to put aside the time to look at my case. I’ll be back for records next week just before my vacation.

Had lunch with LW at Pluto’s. We had so much fun rambling on and venting about the ‘evil girl’.  I had the crispy chicken on green – p’RR’s favorite. I’ll have to show him the picture.

Still frustrated about the research, grant application, and other things. :-/ Better go to work now.


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