PALS and Adobe LR presets

When you are busy, time just flies amazingly fast. I almost forgot it was already Friday evening when I finished my PALS training yesterday. It’s been two long days of intensive training packed with so much new information yet it was also one of the most productive weeks I’ve had in a while. Happy that we (my co-res and I) all passed both the practical and the written tests. Now we are ready to step our feet into the field of sedation. Also, I will be starting OR in two weeks–right after my vacation. After being an observer for so many time and having already rotated in anesthesia for a month, I still couldn’t help but being excited.

So I was playing with LR presets and came across a Siem’s site where 8 presets are downloadable for free. The site is organized and showing really good previews of the photos before and after the effects. Siem also creates a VDO tutorial of how to integrate the user defined presets into the program which I found really helpful.  Being an LR enthusiast myself, I instantly downloaded and tried a couple of the presets without bothering to read much about the reviews. The presets are very easy to install and I have been having fun trying out the presets on my photos in the library. I like it that the colors of the photos are instantaneously touched up, and the (sensational) message the photos deliver changes accordingly.

Below are some examples I have tried with my recent portraits (the originals are on left).  So far the LOTR effect has been my favorite because it brightens up the field, improves contrast, but overall gives a subtle feel to the photo at the same time. Hope I will get some nice landscape photos in my upcoming vacation so that I can try them out too.


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