I guess I am suffering from vacation withdrawal syndrome. I secretly wish that everyday was Friday or the day before the next vacation. This week has once again passed by so quickly, and part of it is because I have been as busy as ever. There are so many things to accomplish.  So many hopes and dreams have yet to be fulfilled.  It’s a shame that at the end of the day, although remaining enthusiastic, I could barely do much more than what I already did throughout the day.  My tiredness has already outweighed my energy. Oh well, I shouldn’t have complained…

p’RR bought me a couple of things when he was here. Among all, my most favorite is this Pilot Custom 98 fountain pen we’ve got from our favorite store, Maido, in Westfield in downtown SF. Though I’m a big fan of other lower key, easy going, ball pens, p’RR has convinced me to use this fountain pen as often as I could.

Testing my new fountain pen


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