Your song

12:30 am and I was sitting on my bed with my MacBook. For the time felt like forever, I had been staring on the blank screen of the Mail program. The window ‘Re:thoughts’ was popped up and the cursor had been blinking for I was not sure how long. I was stressed over an issue regarding DB and was trying to put together my thoughts into words as carefully as possible.

Ring ring ring…I reached over to the phone.

LMR: Waddee krub, how are you doing?

Me: I’m good. Why are you calling so late? Irregular time for him.

LMR: When will you be leaving for [city name]?

Me: Uh this weekend! And my talk will be on Wednesday!

LMR: Don’t forget to tell me the location. I will try to be there. I wanted to listen to your talk.

Me: I will. Smiled.

Suddenly my stress was relieved.

Time does fly, doesn’t it? My memories flashed back to when I was struggling with the second year of my PhD study. I was so frustrated I often thought about giving up. LMR was always there to support me, telling me I had to persevere. His dream was to see me graduate and become successful. He wished that some day I would be invited as a speaker in the field and he would be sitting and listening in the back of the hall, smiling and being proud of me.

I could hardly believe the day would ever come so soon. In fact, it is coming in less than a week. Though it might not be as fancy as how his dream was, I am truly happy.  LMR, go ahead and be proud of me. I have worked so hard and I have come this far. But nothing would ever have happened, without you.  This is the song for you.


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