3 days left for 2010

My initial thought of staying in the city during the holidays had horrified me, but it turned out it wasn’t all that bad at all. In fact, I have come to enjoy my free time along with the increased productivities during the break. Hearing all the current hassles at the airport including holiday passengers stranded, stuck due to snow and storm and all that also made me feel good to not having to travel during this time!

So what have I been doing? Apart from hanging out with friends for the holiday parties, I have finished cleaning and reorganizing my whole apartment. Yay, now it’s all clean and organized. The only thing left off though, is my wardrobe. I would need an extra day exclusively dedicated to organizing my wardrobe!

I have spent quite some time at the coffee shop working on the pedoblog project, the company design with p’RR, and I have gotten back to brush up my Chinese. In addition, I have attended the classes at gym, which I always wanted to but my schedule never allowed me to. I have been really careful about my diets and exercise, and good news is I have achieved the new low of my weight–the number that I never had achieved at all the whole year! My BMI has decreased from 20.3 to 19.1. I guess when I have more time like this for myself, I have come to be very focused in everything I do.

Nothing super exciting, my ordinary holidays are just as satisfying as they sound. It has been raining really hard this whole week, and I have never felt this much comfy just to staying in and working.

Hope you have had a nice break! It’s only 3 days left before the new year’s. I’m ready for the new year’s and I’m very much looking forward to it! 🙂


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