My new year’s resolutions

I am not the kind of person who always has plans and follow them systemically.  I like to keep things in moderation and quietly hoping for something more substantial. Anyway, instead of hoping for the best, this year I figured I would write some resolutions so that I can keep looking back during the years and see if I have achieved them. At least I could see my intention at this point in time.

  1. Improve my diet habit. I resolved to have less sugary and heavy carb diets and eating more veggies and fibers. I recently found eating oat meals has a positive impact on my health both physically and emotionally, so I will keep on eating them!  I also resolved to drink less coffee and more green and white tea.
  2. Sleep earlier and be an early riser. I found it difficult and impractical to sleep before 12 am, and that results in my sleep deprivation because I have to wake up early each day. So sleeping early would hopefully give me more hours to sleep.
  3. Meditate more. I just started meditation on the NYE and on the new year’s day. I think it will be a good habit to carry on throughout the year. Initially I aim to meditate ~ 10-15 min a day but will try to increase the duration as time goes by.
  4. Be more focused and increase productivity. Easier said than done. Though I might have looked like I achieved a bit of something, a lot of time it was quite a last minute work. I need to be more motivated.
  5. Become more efficient in creating arts. Arts have been my recent favorites in terms of how I spend my spare time. So hopefully I will keep on creating more pieces in more efficiently.
  6. Launch our company. This is one of my biggest dreams! I hope to finish some thing(s) for our company everyday and hopefully by the end of this year, at least parts of our company will become tangible. Keep my fingers crossed.
  7. Spend less and save more. Again, easier said than done, but I will try!

What are your resolutions? Let’s not only wish for them but take the actions to make them happen too!


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