Green tea madness: a review

I have been drinking a lot of green tea recently. By a lot, I mean 4-5 cups/day. I have come to love the green tea so much it has gradually replaced the white tea I used to drink daily. I like trying different types of tea and drinking different kind/brands of tea in alternation. Here is my current collection.

My current green tea collection

I bought most of the tea from Nijiya market in Jtown or Kukje korean market in Daly City. Some of them are genmaicha, which is the brown rice tea mixed with green tea powder (matcha). The brown rice gives variations to the taste and smell, but after several tries, I still prefer the original sencha, or just the green tea. Just my personal preference, I found the ones imported from Japan the best in taste and smell.  I also like that the tea from the Japanese brand tends to be more concentrated, meaning the larger water volume can be added without diluting the tea too much.

So as displayed in the above pics from left to right are as followed.

  1. Harry & David Lemon Mint Green Tea – Actually p’RR bought this and left it at my apt. We got it from Harry & David store. It has a natural lemon flavor and comes in a package of 50 tea bags for $11.95. I wouldn’t have bought this myself because I prefer just the tea without the lemon. But oh well, I guess it can be refreshing in the morning.
  2. AGF (Ajinomoto General food) Shinchajin with Uji maccha sencha. This is the powder of  green tea extract in an instant form with about 10% Vit C per serving. I finished a bottle of this several months ago. The taste is on the bitter side but tastes and smells great.  The down side of such a container is that the powder can get solidified easily after multiple openings and closings. So it’s better to finish this quickly (within 1 month or so) once opened. For 60 servings, this bottle costs 522 JPY in Japan but is for sale at Nijiya market fo $9.99.  There’s another version of green tea powder from AGF that has a higher concentration of catechin but it is even more pricey ($13.99). Maybe I will try it next time when I run out of the current bottle.
  3. Jardin green tea latte. I personally don’t like these too much as they are too sweet as there are a lot of sugar added. But I’d have them when I crave for something extra sweet. These are made in Korea, and it’s $6.49 for 20 individual packages.
  4. Dong Suh Brown Rice Green Tea. This is the genmaicha I got from Kukje market. I think it’s around $4-5 for 20 tea bags. I am indifferent for these. They are good but the roasted brown rice doesn’t smell as nice as the Japanese genmaicha I used to have. I probably won’t repurchase these.
  5. Nishimoto’s Mitsuimeicha Yuukinoocha Sencha. This is my current favorite. The tea has really nice color, taste and smell. It’s just perfect! Comes in 20 tea bags for  $4.49.
  6. Damizle green tea with brown rice. Another Genmaicha from korea. I believe it’s just about the same price as Dong Suh’s. It tastes pretty much the same as Dong Suh’s as well.
  7. Trader Joe’s organic green tea. So when I run out of tea and don’t have time to drive to J- or K- groceries, I go to the local TJ’s and grab this. It’s actually not bad, but when compared to the Japanese and Korean bands, the TJ’s green tea just doesn’t have comparable taste and smell. I don’t remember the price exactly, but I think it’s between $3-4 for 20 tea bags.

Green tea bags

There are a lot of other tea brands, especially those at Nijiya Market, that I wanted to try. I also tried a lot of Yamamotayama, Takaokaya and other Japanese brands in the past, but I still love changing and experimenting. I will post more when I have newer additions to my collection of green tea. Meanwhile, drink green tea and stay healthy! 🙂



One thought on “Green tea madness: a review

  1. This is also my favroite tea Nishimoto’s Mitsuimeicha Yuukinoocha Sencha. Can you please tell me where can I purchase this? Thanks

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