A rainy day in mid-winter

Looking through the window

Just when I thought winter in the city was perfect with 65 degrees this past week, this weekend’s rainstorm has brought back the colder temperature. And here I am again wearing a wool sweater and turning on heater. The temperature here fluctuates so much, but that’s also how I enjoy it. The rain has its own charm. I always love the rainy days if I don’t have to drive too far or walk under the rain. The view from my place out on the street is really lovely. According to the forecast, the rain will just last through this weekend, and the beginning of next week will bring back the sun again.

On a side note, at the end of our weekly lab meeting, one of our professors have shared with us this video which I have repeatedly watched and truly enjoyed. As I kept watching, I couldn’t help admiring the very creative and brilliant producer(s) of the clip. It very well reflects lives of PhD students. Though I have already passed that stage, watching the video has brought back my memories of the ups and downs of the PhD life.  I’m only glad I have been there, and done that. Even now, I am still doing the research, with more or less frustration. Getting a degree is only the beginning of it all.


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