Do people change at all?


Looking out in the Bay

Just like every Wednesday morning, today was another interesting day as I got to work one-on-one with one of my favorite attendings. I was the only one resident on the floor, as others were either in the class, off-site, on vacation, or on other rotations. The attending is known for being tough, but I knew deep inside she is such a kind hearted person.  Regardless, I tried to do my homework and prepared answers for some possible questions regarding my patients.

It turns out that our conversations were not at all technical, instead they were casually pertaining to lives in general. I have come to very much enjoy the sort-of-private time between her and me. I laughed when she asked about one professor who was hitting on me. In addition, her question like ‘how is your Facebook coming along?’ just cracked me up.

I told her about the incoming class this Summer, and commented on certain personalities of people I know. I had the thought that  people could be shaped by the environment, implying they continuously change depending on where they are, and with whom they are surrounded. My attending instead commented people just don’t change.  She said they might be acting differently but the core just does not change.  That left me thinking, and suddenly I recalled that’s exactly what S.S., my previous professor told me.

I guess the bottom line is that it depends on how we define the word ‘change’ and in what aspect. I revised and reflected, have I changed at all?


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