Seriously, it’s March already.

Life is so strange. When I’ve gotten used to the super busy schedule, I feel like I am not myself when I am free.

The past few days I have been more busy than usual trying to work extra hours to get more things done.  I’ve challenged myself and for the first time, I finished writing a proposal in less than 10 hours.  I was  really proud of myself because it usually take me days or even weeks to finish writing something.  I guess when the deadline is right in front of my face, in the matters of hours, not days, I just had to do and finish it, or else give up and be a loser telling self ‘no, I can’t do that.’.  It would have hurt my self-esteem a lot had I told myself I could not do something.   I know I always can, not only do it, but do it well, so let alone the ‘cannot’. It is just my nature like that.  My stress level was at peak though. And I wished I could rest, take a break, or take a nap a little.

Here I am finishing the task, sitting down, sipping a cup of hot green tea. It now feels strange not having to rush and trying to finish something on time. I secretly wish I had something to do more now.

Looking at the calendar, wow, is it March already? The first trimester of this year is almost gone. Everything just happened so lighting fast I felt as though it was NYE yesterday. I haven’t managed to go snowboarding this season just yet, and now it’s March already….just like every year, I felt like February just disappeared in a flash.

I guess I should have news, but nothing much else is super exciting right now, except that I will be involved in photography in one of our upcoming professional meetings, and I’m excited to work with the new people in a larger organization and to establish more connections.

I am still thinking deeply about my goals in the near future…


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