Going back in time

At Little Tokyo

Have you ever wished you could turn back the time and live your life in one of the most beautiful moments you’ve had one more time?

Words can’t describe how happy I am to be coming back to my favorite place and to be with my favorite person–one more time. We went to the places we used to go every so often. We lived our same old routine–the same old coffee shops, shopping malls, movie theatres, same old restaurants, and more. Every place was full of stories and memories. I felt as though I was living the dream and never ever wanted to wake up. Though this dream will have to end tomorrow as I will fly back and resume my normal life, this city will always have a special place in my heart that nothing and nowhere can replace. This is where it all begins–love, hope, success, failure, sadness, happiness, and it is what makes me what I am today. I love you LA, and I am sad I will have to leave.

Writing in bed from my last night in Westwood.


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