Other than the poster I have to prepare and print, this weekend I don’t have any particular assignments that I need to rush. I figured I would spend time cleaning and organizing my place a little.  As I looked at the vacuum, I was amazed at the amount of dust that has added up in these rooms over a period of a week or two, given that I didn’t really leave the windows open much if at all.  My wardrobe now looks a bit more organized.

Thinking about the upcoming destinations (LAX, JFK, PHL and ORD), I pulled one of my carry-ons out and wondering how I will be able to fit everything in. It will be challenging because the clothing selections will be a combination of both business and casual purposes. Plus I usually travel with my laptop, SLR +lens, gym clothing and accessories. On top of that I will also have a poster tube. I hope it will all work out otherwise I would end up having to pay $100+ check bag fee for all the legs I’m going to fly. Wondering if I will have a room for marine cinnamon so that he can fly with me.


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