A few days in SoCal

Palos Verdes

My visit to SoCal this time is totally different from the past month. I mainly spent time in the East part of LA. Surely, the weather, the neighborhood, the food, and everything is somewhat different from what I’m familiar with in the west.

The sunny socal

N has been such a great host, driving me everywhere, and bringing me to different places to eat. It’s been a great time.

Wayfarers Chapel in PV

On the other hand, coming back to LA also did none but bringing back the old memories. For a while I didn’t know if it’s a good idea to even come down here only shortly after all that had happened. I hope my visit to NYC will help distract me a little more. Too bad the weather will be so gloomy in the East Coast in the next several days.

Russian dolls on the bedside table

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to my next stop at JFK.


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