The Chelsea Market and High Line Park

The pop shop

Walking around the Chelsea Market reminded me of the Ferry Building in SF. Beautifully decorated, both places offer a wide variety of food in the urban food court setting. I secretly like the decors in the Chelsea market more.

The High Line Park is just above the market. Who would have thought this beautiful so-called green way used to be a neglected railroad track? It’s a perfect spot to wind down and enjoy the city view after our long walk from the East Village.

The High Line Park

The city view

The City View

I totally fell in love with the city once again.  It’s my 3rd visit to NYC, yet the feeling of excitement has never faded away. It feels like when I visited Disneyland for the first time almost two decades ago.

Maybe it’s the East Coast charm, but it felt different from when I spent time in LA last week. Being here and spending time here has completely wiped away my worries and depression. It feels like everything is fast moving and is fast forwarded. Everyday is an excitement and an experiment. The city is really so much more fun than SF, and I’d totally consider moving here.


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