Packing the pattern

The weather in Central Illinois next week will be really hot–in the range of upper 70s to 80s. That’s about 20-30 hotter than the weather here in SF.  There is also a river flood warning for the Illinois river, close to where I will be staying.

Summer clothes

I need to pack some really light clothing for the summer-like weather out there.  Took out a maxi dress for an easy going day, a flower dress for the welcome reception, and the zebra top for another random casual day. I should also throw in hats and sunscreen now before I forget.  I found that there will be an indoor swimming pool and quite a bit of hiking trails, so I will also bring the gears for swimming and hiking though not sure if I will even have time for those.  Ah..there is so much to do, and so little time.

Heard from p’RR, who has just now arrived in Toronto for MDS meeting, that it is also hot out there. Guess the heat wave is still around. The weather is always the best in the west coast no matter what time of the year is.


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