On the sky

On the sky

Ever since I came back to the bay area, my clinic schedule has been so insanely busy it almost made me hate being in the clinic. The part that wore me down the most was dealing with difficult people from different levels. The tiredness from work just made me long for another vacation, and reminded me of how I loved traveling. I took the above picture while I was on the plane. Though I dislike being on the plane in general, I still enjoyed how my thoughts flowed when I was up 35000 ft above the ground.

Utica business area

I meant to write about many, many things from Utica, but my second thought was that I’d keep the story relatively brief.  Though the place was not the most attractive site anyone would like to visit, I would still say it’s one of the best trips I have had in a long time.  Apart from the academic aspect, I’ve met so many wonderful people, reconnected with old friends, and made some new ones.

The story of my last day in Utica was that my flight left 7 AM from ORD, which means I had to leave Utica at 4 AM. Instead of having to hire a cab, paying $200 flat rate, and feeling frustrated having to ride by myself at that ungodly hour, someone was nice enough to offer to wake up at 4 am just to drive me to the airport.  It just amazed me how someone I just met would be nice enough to do that, be it his responsibility or just his being nice, I considered waking up at 4 am on a Sunday to drive 2 hours on the road a huge sacrifice.  Also for the fact that nobody was carpooling with me, practically it was just me (out of many other 100-ish people) and the van and the time+energy+gas that he had to invest.

I used to tell my mom that I’m feeling lucky because wherever I go, I always seem to meet nice people who are supportive of me in one way or another. I am definitely looking forward to returning them favor one of these days.

PS: I will officially be a 3rd year tomorrow!

PS2: my lower invisalign has caused me a few traumatic ulcers under my tongue and it hurts. 😦


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