Happy 4th (part II)!

Fort Mason

Another 4th of July cerebration. It really felt like yesterday when I was on the USS hornet in Alameda for the 4th of July fireworks last year. I remember it was too foggy to see anything on the sky, and I was disappointed because I had the tripod and the camera ready.

This year we had BBQ in the city closer to J’s place. I started the day with gym workout, and went to buy a few things for the BBQ. The weather was in the 70s. Though it was not as nice as yesterday, the sky definitely was not that foggy as compared to last year.  It was really windy and cold at our BBQ site though.

The birds at the water front

I excused myself to take a walk along the water front area. It was almost 9 PM yet the sun just started to set. It was so peaceful and beautiful I wish I could be there everyday. Yes I did miss the actual fireworks once again but it didn’t matter much.  My mind wandered as I looked at my phone and there was a missed call from somebody I missed the most.  I didn’t know how I missed the call but I must have been in a conversation at the picnic. Though I resolved not to call back, I was happy to just hear his voice in the voice mail.

Happy Independence Day. I wonder how my next 4th of July will be like. I hope it will be a happy one.


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