Today was one of these few days when my schedule was really flexible and I resolved to spend it as slowly as possible.  In another words, I didn’t really plan to do anything except being lazy at home.  Unfortunately, my body has adjusted to my regular wake-up  time and I had inadvertently waken up really, really early without the alarm.  Oh well!  As I figured I was probably destined to have to work as usual, I ended up spending half a day doing my experiment. It’s actually more entertaining to have lunch with people in the lab than what I would have been doing all by myself at home.  I left work at around 2 PM.  At least, I was glad that my day wasn’t too wasted and unproductive.  The rest of the day I went to the gym, and stopped by Nijiya market, browsing randomly for the time seems like forever.  I got my favorite dorayaki in two flavors: black sesame and green tea. Yum. 🙂


I came back home, finishing a load of laundry and getting ready for tomorrow’s sedation. I know I’m going to call it a night extra early and I wish everyday was like this.  I’m feeling more energized and less stressed. After all, apart from Cinnamon and dorayaki, freedom is truly what makes me happy.


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