The new cafe

Dash Cafe

I went to my favorite Seattle’s Best Coffee location today just to find that the cafe and the Borders store are closing down.  Though not very surprising as Borders had filed bankruptcy and most of their stores had already closed down, I’m still sad. 😦  I thought they had spared the one in Stonestown as they did for some time then.  Now where am I going to go to get my work done?  I like that location because there are plenty of seats, plenty of parkings, and the crowd was never too loud.  I could just walk to the Stonestown mall whenever I was bored.  Most of all, I like Seattle’s Best Coffee.  They also have the promotion for when you bought 5 cups of drinks and you earn one free. I have earned so many, many free cups of drinks in the past several months. Oh well, now the spot has become a history. I need to find a new cafe.

Now I’m hanging out at one of the local coffee places. It’s a bright little place within the walking distance from my place. Looks like it’s a place where local people here hang out.  Probably because of its smaller size, the cafe was incredibly loud and I had to turn on my white noise to remain focused .  The $4 chai latte I ordered also didn’t really taste that good. I’m sticking around just because I’m already here anyway. I guess my search for the new cafe will continue.


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