Tuesday afternoon


Today is our last free Tuesday afternoon before the summer seminar schedule resumes next week, when our schedule will be super busy once again. I really enjoy the free day like this when I could take some time to walk in the neighborhood in the sunny afternoon instead of intensely working in the building.  I am now sitting in Starbucks, which I find has a more relaxing ambient than that of the cafe I last went.

My OR schedule yesterday was really tiring. I felt extremely exhausted at the end of the day and I passed out at who knew when and for how long.  Even though I have been having plenty of OR cases, I still don’t feel I have built my stamina to the point I wish I could have, or should have. Maybe I am getting old. Oh well, of course everyone is getting old each day.  This past few days have brought me news that surprised and excited me. I will be revealing them as the right time comes.  For now I will be hoping for the best no matter what the future brings.

A cup of coffee

PS: Counting down to research day in ~ 2 months. And yes, board review is really boring.

PS2: I’m addicted to the 2×2 photo!!!


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