Coffee at home

After trying different new coffee places, desperately searching for a decent place to study, I finally decided to study at my dining table at home. Ridiculous, right? Why don’t I just study on my desk, you may ask. I guess firstly, I am more distracted on the desk, and my productivity decreases as I get more comfortable at home.  Secondly I was trying to mimic the ambient of the coffee shop, sitting on a hard surfaced dining chair instead of the leather executive-type of chair I have at my desk.  Anyway, admittedly, I’d still prefer having people walking around, but this is my short term solution for now as I continue searching for a perfect coffee shop.

I’m glad the weekend is already here. This week has been insane. I have been doing random things apart from work, in order to keep everything in life on track. These things range from taking my car for smog check, going to the P.O. to get my package, and making a trip to Office Max to find that specific glue for our typodont lab. ( I know, unlike living in LA, going to Office Max is considered complicated here!)  The biggest burden of all is for the fact that I am an ortho chief whose responsibilities include making everything ortho runs smoothly. It’s not super fun to have to prepare the equipments and instruments for the 10 other residents for today’s typodont lab.  The steps in between the preparation include getting and rushing the bracket order to come in time and hand picking each bracket, and arranging them on the sheet.  Oh well. My ortho clinic this afternoon was even more busy: 2 consecutive Twin Block patients and 1 bracket bonding. It was technically a non-stopping afternoon. Regardless of all the hassles, I am secretly proud of myself to have accomplished it all in a timely manner. Yes, I really am. One of the things people like to describe about me is efficient. And I’m thinking I’m getting better at that.

Tomorrow we will volunteer at another school district for the dental screening. I heard it’s a relatively sketchy area so I’m looking into carpooling with someone else.  We will then head to a party at DB’s house at the end of the day.  I am thinking about making blueberry muffins, but depending on how much time I have left after the dental screening event.

Well that’s it, that’s (my) life. And another OR on Monday to follow. For now, I can’t wait for Sunday to come.


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