Weekend photos

The weekend has never been so exhausting. I made a trip to the part of San Francisco where I’d never thought I’d ever stepped there by myself.  Unlike the foggy neighborhood of mine, the part of the city was surprisingly sunny, to the point that it was so hot I wished I had brought the hat.  As unexpected as it was, many of us ended up being sun burnt. We were practically standing under the sun for several hours and that left us so exhausted at the end of the day. It was a rewardingly experience nonetheless.

The evening continued with our enjoyment in homemade gourmet with the great company. The day ended perfectly.

The orchids

My favorite time of the weekend is still when I am chilling at the coffee place on a Sunday afternoon by myself, just like now. The soft jazz music, the noise of the coffee machine and people chatting made it feel as though I was on a busy street of some exotic place, and I really enjoyed being here.


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