Tofu lettuce wraps

Tofu lettuce wrap

I have been in the cooking mode lately! This weekend we will also be having a cooking party with the theme of “Wrap and Roll“, proposed by our creative resident “C”.   Basically, what it means is that everyone will bring any kinds of food presented in the form of wrapping and/or rolling. Examples are sushi, burritos, spring rolls, or even desserts like palmiers or cannolis.

Following a brief thought, and a bit flash-back of (our) frequent visits to the Hop Li in West LA, I came up with the idea to make a veggie version of the lettuce wrap.  So here comes my special version of the tofu wrap! In fact, today is my rehearsal cooking, because I wanted to make sure whatever I will bring to the party is not only edible but also up to the standard of everyone’s taste buds!

After reading quite a number of recipes online and basically got the idea of how the tofu is prepared, I decided to just throw whatever sauces I have (and like) to make the stir fried tofu, together with red bell peppers and organic beans and carrots. I must say the tofu turns out really pretty and very yummy too! The resulting plate has a touch of salty, sour and mild spicy taste. I also like the color combination of the mixture.

The thing is, I didn’t measure any thing, so hopefully I will still be able to repeat this recipe again tomorrow!

Here is the first bite. 🙂

The first bite


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