The face mask of the PhD

In the competitive society filled with high-ego people, bashing each other with insensitive words may be a bit far too common. Though I already almost forgot about these conversations a couple days back, they kept coming back, irritating, and somehow hurting me.

It was Attending P, who was watching me working and noticed it was not the way she would have liked. Or simply put, it was wrong. I was more than open to correct anything that was wrong. But was there really a need to repeatedly bash me with the words PhD in front of people?  ‘You don’t want to do this!!! You, PhD, huh?’

10 min later, repeating the same words for another thing I was doing.  ‘PhD, huh?’

Oh well. I was thinking, I am here to learn and I am no magical. Don’t act as though it’s peculiar that I have a PhD, and perceive as though there was nothing in the world I should not do wrong. I should be proud of my hard work but who was she to make fun of my education background?

As a person who has received this highest degree of education , Ph.D. means hard work, persistence, inspiration, motivation, accomplishment, self-fulfillment and of course pride. Although from my own observations I tend to think that PhD people are superior in their analytical skill, it’s only clear that it is because they have been doing that for years and years. Practice makes perfect–as simple as that.  PhD does not make a person smarter and different than any another.  PhDs only excel in the field of study and of course does not know every single thing. But why, to some they would expect PhDs to know everything, and are ready to bash them whenever they make mistakes?


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