Fat-free strawberry yogurt cheesecake

Strawberry yogurt cheesecake

I finally got to post the picture of the strawberry yogurt cheesecake I made this past weekend. The cheesecake is made from homemade yogurt and homemade yogurt cheese. No additional cream cheese was added, and hence you may call this a virtually fat-free cheesecake, excluding the graham cracker crust. Even so, only minimal amount of low-fat butter was added to the crust mixture.

Strawberry yogurt cheesecake

This is my first time decorating the cake. The first two times I made such cheesecake, I just ate it all by myself hence there was no need to make it look pretty. 😛  Here, I used fresh strawberries, flax seeds and cinnamon sprinkles to decorate the cake.

Cinnamoroll and Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake

The cake had a cheesecake-like texture and taste, yet I could be relieved that there was virtually no fat in the ingredients at all.  The yogurt content in the cake made it a healthy option for dessert. I could not get enough of this yogurt cheesecake! Even Strawberry Cinnamoroll would love it, too. 😉


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