Baby molar now has a friend

Little Baby Molar and Original Baby Molar

We are having a baby shower party for Joanne tomorrow and I made Little Baby Molar, the junior version of the Baby Molar, to top off the baby diaper cake.  I’m sure the Baby Molar is happy she now has a friend, though this friend will be given away once again tomorrow! Ah, I need to make one more Little Baby Molar just for myself. I’m quite proud that the process took shorter now. When I started making my very first Baby Molar, it took me 2 whole days. This time, I started at 10 PM and finished around 1:30 PM. I wouldn’t have stayed up all night making this when I had one million other things to be finished, if if weren”t for Joanne.  I hope she likes it, and takes it to heart, because it is all hand made and is very limited edition!   There were only 2 of them–one with p’RR, and another is with me.  This is the third–a special gift for a good friend. I also made a Baby Molar card to go along with the gift. I will take photos tomorrow after the party.

With the Little Baby Molar


It’s been a while since I talked to pRR. Making this Baby Molar really made me think of the Baby Molar on the other side of the world. I remembered when pRR saw that Baby Molar when he visited my place, he asked for it and immediately placed it in his suitcase–ready to go back with him.  When I visited home last year, I was happy to see the Baby Molar lying there comfortably in his bright sunny place, at the Preen condo.  I am sad because I really do miss those moments.


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