Silent night

Though it is less than two months to Christmas, and the year will just fly by, the weather in SF has not been indicative of the winter time just as yet. In fact, it’s been summer-like all week long–high in the upper 70s and even to 80s. Though it’s said to be cooled down quite a bit this weekend, it was still burning hot as I was driving in my car during the day time today. Soon enough, the rain will settle in and it will be at least 10 degree cooler. I just can’t wait to see the changing colors of the leaves in Fall. I think it’s one of the most beautiful moments of the year.

Today I wiped the dust off of my uncovered, rustic keyboard I barely touched for over a year.  After watching a few episodes of the Musical, I found myself motivated to play music again. I picked the song Silent Night as I thought it’s easy to play and suitable for the upcoming holidays.  To my surprise, I was able to finish the whole song. I guess I play better when there is no pressure from the teacher and when no one is watching me, just like I sing best when I am alone.  Am I such a loner then?

I reflected back about the company plan I had with pRR. I guess I was afraid to start over the plan by myself, but I really wanted to move the project forward. I took sometime today to lay out the plan again one more time and I saw the potential. Maybe I will have the holidays time all to myself to work on it. For some reasons, the board exam just didn’t motivate me as much at all…it’s just something I must do nonetheless.

My week was not too eventful. I went to W party last night. Though it was great to see friends and people I hadn’t seen for a while, I ended up feeling a little bored.  I didn’t join them for karaoke as I usually did.  Some people had repeatedly commented I built up a wall where no one could come close. I guess it was somewhat true. For a while I didn’t know if I needed to overcome my depressing state of mind.  Anyhow, I went to Jtown and Stonestown today, and browsing through Maido, Kinokuniya, and walking around had made me feel better. I hope tomorrow will be a better, and a more productive day.


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