October rain

October rain in SF

My highlight of the weekend would be the discover of a new cafe in Nihonmachi (J-town).  As you could probably have read, I have always been on a search for a perfect cafe, where I can work while simultaneously enjoying the ambient and the crowd. So far the chain store places have been nothing but the disappointment.  As I was leaving Daiso with a brush container and a few felt sheets, across the street I spotted a lovely cafe which turned out to be a korean-owned, very Asian type of cafe that can probably only be seen in the  k-dramas.

Matcha latte

As soon as I walked in, I knew the place was it–the kind of cafe that I’ve been searching for for forever. From the smiling face of the korean girl who took the order, to the very impressive cup of matcha latte in my hand. Their menus are unique, and their drinks are of high quality. The matcha latte tastes 100x better than the sugar loaded green tea latte at Starbucks.

The crowd was perfect, and the tables and the decor really set it apart. The music background was soothing and not irritating at all. I was extra delighted when I heard Secret Garden OST (Here I Am) playing in the background. Seriously I felt as though I was in another country and I kept smiling as I worked on the paper. It turned out to be very productive couple of hours I’ve spent.  I so enjoyed my time being there I already planned to go back every weekend. I only wish I lived closer so I wouldn’t have to drive there and wait for the Sunday to come for the unlimited parking hours.


And here comes Monday. The rainy Monday.  It’s beautiful and it’s sad at the same time. I’m such a fool I only thought about the person I tried to forget the most. When I made a baby molar, when I found a nice cafe, when people complimented me on my hair, on my outfits, and every little thing that is going on in my life, just like I always did in the past, the person I wish I could have shared all these with was he.


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