As mentioned yesterday that I was tempted to make mochi (or gyung dan in Korean) after watching Maangchi channel. It looks really easy so I decided to go to Nijiya Market and bought a few things including rice flour, black sesame seeds, and the red beans. Even though the procedure itself sounds really easy,  I have come to realize that the hardest part is the dough wrapping. It really needs some good technique to meticulously wrap the mochi balls. Here is my first try with which I was not too impressed.

Mochi - before

The good thing about making mochi is that it’s fun and easy, and takes very little ingredients to make a lot. (I paid only ~$10 for the ingredients to make at least 20-30 mochi; compared to $3-4/ 12 little pieces of mochi at the market. ) I’m now on the search for some good dough wrapping technique before I decide to make the 2nd batch. Hopefully they will look better next time. 🙂


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